Bending Bridge Farm


start a pick-up site

Help us start a new pick-up site in your neighborhood and enjoy free fresh produce delivered right to your door. Become a site coordinator and share the goodness of fresh food with your community!

We offer weekly delivery to central neighborhood pick-up locations.   Up to fifty families, living within a distance of a few blocks or miles, will pick up at a single location. This convenience to us and our customers is made possible by the generosity of site coordinators who volunteer their space and time to support the CSA.

how do I become a CSA coordinator?

You will need an accessible space for members to pick up their orders once per week. This could be a shady porch, garden shed, community center, church, or workplace/business.  We ask that site hosts keep this space open to CSA members for a minimum of four hours. CSA orders will be boxed and stacked neatly in the space.  We reuse our cardboard boxes and ask hosts to store returned boxes for us to collect the following week.

Site hosts are an integral part of our CSA marketing-team: we rely on them to spread the word to friends, co-workers and neighbors. Once we have identified a potential site, the next step is to find at least 20 families who are interested in joining the new location.  In exchange for their time, coordinators receive a webstore credit worth 4% of the total sales delivered to the site: a value of $200-$1,000 per year!