Bending Bridge Farm


meet the farmers

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Bending Bridge Farm is operated by Cameron Pedersen and Audrey Fisher-Pedersen. We started in 2009 with a half-acre market garden. We now cultivate approximately 10 acres of mixed vegetables and cover crops on a 50 acre certified organic farm.

We both have a background in ecology and love to spend long hours outdoors. Cameron’s favorite vegetable is garlic–our hardneck varieties are the most flavorful! Audrey’s favorite farm activity is harvesting (and eating) sungold cherry tomatoes.

At Bending Bridge Farm our mission is to grow great produce, connect the community to our farm, and inspire healthy delicious meals.
We strive to minimize our use of non-renewable resources and improve the quality of our soil for the future while producing food that is safe, fresh, and flavorful.

the farmers: Cameron Pedersen
and Audrey Fisher-Pedersen
the farm: Bending Bridge Farm