Bending Bridge Farm


how our CSA works:

  • 1. join the farm

  • Select your neighborhood pickup location from the list below. Don’t see a site near you? Let’s start one

    Create your account with the farm and pre-pay $400 for the season of fresh food to come.  Members start out with a $400 credit, we debit the value of each share when it is delivered.

    Pick-up Locations

  • 2. customize your share

  • When you join the farm, you will automatically be scheduled to receive a “farmer’s choice” share of produce for 25 weeks starting the first week in June.  Each week members have three options:

    a. Welcome the “farmer’s choice” share consisting of 5-8 items from our farm (valued at $25 per week)

    b. Customize a “member’s choice” share from our webstore and choose from a great selection of products grown in our fields and surrounding certified organic farms.  We also offer local seasonal fruit such as plums, peaches, and apples.

    c. Cancel your share for the week by placing the delivery on hold from your CSA account page.  You can skip weeks as often as you choose, as long as you use your $400 credit  by the end of our 25 week growing season.

  • 3. pick up your veggies and enjoy!

  • We deliver to all locations on Wednesdays and members pick up shares within the time-frame designated for the site. Check out our email newsletter and Facebook page for the latest tips and recipes and enjoy the bounty!

    For details, please see our FAQ page

    Still have questions? please send us an email