Bending Bridge Farm


frequently asked questions

Please read the following FAQ before you complete sign-up.


Q: When can I place an order?
A: For Wednesday pickup, the web store is open from Friday at 6:00pm until Monday at 6:00pm.  For Sunday pickup, the web store is open from Tuesday at 5:00pm until Friday at 8:00am. Each week we send out our email newsletter when the store opens.

Q. Must I order a minimum amount each week?
A: You choose when you order from the online store and can skip a week whenever you like. No need to order if you don’t want to! When when you do place an order we ask that you select at least $20 worth of items.

Q. How long do I have to spend my credit with the farm? 
A:  CSA credits expire one year from the last payment made.

Q. What if I spend the amount in my account?
A: You will not be able to place an order online if there is insufficient credit in your account. You can add money to your account at any time. Simply mail us a check or send us money conveniently and securely through our website.

Q. Will you always have what I order?
A: Sometimes we may have shortages and will omit an item from your order or offer a close substitute. Pests, weather, and other catastrophes could result in a smaller-than-expected harvest. If we must omit an item, we will credit your account accordingly.

Q: What if I forget to pick up my share?
A: Please remember to pick up your share during the time specified for your pickup site. If you place an order, the value of your purchase will be debited from your account. Some hosts may kindly make arrangements for later pickup, but this is not to be expected. Please respect that your share hosts are busy people and may not have time to coordinate pickup after the designated time.

Q: What should I do with the boxes?
A: We would like to reuse share boxes as much as possible. Please unfold each box so that it lays flat and return it to your pickup location the following week. View this video to learn how to unfold a CSA box.

Q. Are you perfect?
A: Definitely not! But we are committed to offering amazing produce and a great CSA experience. Occasionally, you may find that we placed the wrong item in your box or forgot an item altogether. Let us know right away if you are dissatisfied with anything in your share and we will credit your account.

One more thing…
Your membership is a commitment to support the farm throughout the growing season. CSA is a mutual commitment between farmers (us!) and consumers (you!). Just as you count on your farmers for a consistently fresh and safe supply of produce, we count on our members for a predictable and secure demand for the veggies we grow. Thanks for your support!